Soo… as previously mentioned, I have no real plans over break.

One thing I was going to do is start catching up on shows my friends watch. Some of these shows included Walking Dead, Supernatural, American Horror Story (which I actually love due to season 1, and totally recommend it. But I missed S2), and obviously… Bunheads.

So one day, while I was bored, I watched two episodes of the show.

The 1st: was about the dance studio being turned into an evacuation center. And one of the ladies was getting married.

The 2nd: was about two of the ladies opening up an amphitheater in their community.

I did not like it. Not either episode.

I didn’t like it b/c it just isn’t what I expected it to be. I expected a show about dancing, dancers, and how that relates to/affects their lives.

It wasn’t like that. I actually couldn’t get a good idea of what it was supposed to be about. It seems as if there’s a lot of story line. Maybe each character had one but none were related. Additionally, I felt the acting was pretty bad. Everything was cheesy, as if they weren’t even shooting for reality. And there wasn’t enough dancing. It is called “Bunheads” (aka ballerina) so why weren’t they dancing?

However, I was going to watch it more and give it another chance, unfortunately, I changed my mind b/c it was just confirmed that the show was cancelled Feb. 2013.


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