Driving There

*pic coming soon*

So today was a great day for practice!

I drove in rush hour, drove in the dark, and drove a few long distances.

…not to mention my maneuverability (parking) was on point! Every time I parked, I was in the line. Pulled up just far enough. Everything was great.

This is a big deal to me b/c I took my driving test and failed maneuverability b/c I hit a cone.

I only took it once, but I haven’t rescheduled to take it b/c my grandpa (he taught me ti drive) doesn’t think I’m ready yet.


My permit expires 7/17/13 so I need to hurry and get my license. Especially b/c I can’t wait to drive my car.

(Yes, that’s right. I got car before my license. I got my car April 2012. Its a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica. And I’m the official owner, I just got my title!)

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to drive it since I haven’t gotten my license. I usually drive my mom’s car and I always practice in my grandpa’s car.

Anyways. Today was great, so I’m feeling confident. Tomorrow I’ll go practice with my grandpa again, and if he thinks I’m ready, I’ll schedule my test for next Sunday.

Wish me luck.


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