Project No. 1

Project No. 1

G r r…

Whoo, its Spring Break 2013!!!

And I’m in college; this means parties. Hot guys. Drinking. Fun. Games. Sexy stuff. Fun. More fun. And memories.

…right? …wrong!

I’m in college and neither of my Spring Breaks have been like that.

Spring Break 2012:
…I planned to go to Chicago w/ a few friends. Whelp, they fell out and that ruined our plans. So I chilled at home the entire time. Minus, one outing to the club.

Spring Break 2013:
…I was supposed to go to Cancun with my mom. But that got cancelled b/c she had to have surgery. So now I’m forced to find something new to do.

I’m considering chilling. That’s right, chilling. I’m always busy and it will be fun to just hang out and do nothing. Luckily, I don’t have to work so that’s free time right there.

But my family is moving so I know I’ll be packing boxes and picking paints. (: (ps… I’m really excited.).

Plus reading, to start on my goals. But Project No. 2 is to straighten my hair. This is the “before” pic.

(Check in tomorrow to see my straight hair.)


2 thoughts on “Project No. 1

  1. You are so right about spring break! Every year I think the same way lol. I’ll probably be at my moms coolin’ for a week.

    Hope your mom gets well soon!

    1. Thanks so much, she will. Its both her hands due to nerve damage. And ha, catch up on things you never have time to do. Maybe read or watch a series or work out… those are some of my plans lol .

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