All Shook Up

All Shook Up

I always talk about being a “dancer.”

Truth is, some people may not consider me a dancer.

I did ballet (along with cheer leading, piano, soccer, softball, track, and maybe other things I don’t remember) as a youngster*.

*okay, so track dates back to HS so these activities were over a “lifetime.”

So I stopped ballet after a short time, to pursue cheer leading. Stupid, right? I know.

Cheer leading is great but its so limited to what its actually good for, besides to say, “yes, I cheered.”

And you probably think, “well why did you do it?” Luckily, I have an awesome mom whose goal was to raise happy and confident children. Therefore, she never pressured my siblings or I to do things we didn’t want. She accepted any decision we had to make, even if she disagreed.

As a child, she gave me the option to cheer or do ballet and I chose to cheer. Now… I wish I would have stopped cheering to do ballet because it is so beautiful and rewarding.

Not to mention beneficial to my acting career.

Now I’m in college taking ballet and jazz dance as part of my major requirements. (Thank goodness!)

And I love it so much, truly something that makes me happy. I can’t wait to continue dance. Actually, I love it so much, I’m considering going out for my schools dance team and dance program.

So… back to the point. This pic is a pic of my bruised knee. Complements of “All Shook Up.” My jazz class danced to this song for our midterm*. The dance was so nice and I would love to show it, but my prof has fell victim to stolen choreography after her students posted her dance online.

*I got an A. (:

Nonetheless, much of the dance requires us to be on the ground and on our knees. So many of the dancers ended with bruises from the dance.


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