Stupid Head

*pic coming soon*

Yay. My Spring Break just started and of course I was excited.

Unfortunately, my plans got cancelled. Like always. That’s why I rarely plan to do things, b/c people like to cancel at the last minute.

My plans were to hang with my “Future Husband”* and we were going to see a play together. But… the roads got bad so he couldn’t travel here.

*the guy I like off-and-on, but he transferred from my university so I don’t see us having a relationship any time soon. But he’s great, so I’d love to marry him. One day, ❤

…then, I was going to hang with my “Chump”* but he didn’t want to see a play so he decided he wouldn’t come either.

*the guy I used to like. He’s cool and he’s still my buddy but he’s so confusing with his mixed signals and lack of expression, so… I gave up on that potential relationship.

But… luckily, I ended up free and I got a call from my “Stupid Head.”* He’s free and wants to hang out after he gets back from the mall.

*my favorite ex boyfriend. We dated about 4months and we remained friends afterwards.

Btw, its definitely possible to be friends with an ex. I’m friends with all my exes. And just friends. Not hang out and have sex friends. (:


4 thoughts on “Stupid Head

  1. I find it physically and emotionally impossible to be friends with my ex’s lol.

    Oh and by the way, your spring break is waay earlier than mine. : (

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