No me gusta Espanol

*Pic coming soon*

Siempre me ha gustado españoles …hasta ahora.

Spanish and Spanish culture has always been fascinating to me. Therefore, I was totally excited to take Spanish in HS.

Of course, I excelled at it. As in every section and I was a natural. Even spoke Spanish outside of class.

So in college, I was even more excited to take it b/c I thought it would challenge me. But it didn’t, probably b/c I went to a college prep school.

So in 101/102/103, I got an A. (:

(I’m even considering a minor in Spanish… and business.)

…but Spanish 2010 (202 for semesters) I got a B. ):

My prof. is great but requires and only accepts online homework. Our online system was crappy. They took points off for everything from abbreviations, to misspelled words, to capitalization. Smh.

This seriously hurt my grade and caused my B for 2010. Even my self esteem. Haha.

I really liked thre prof. so signed up for her again for 2020 (really just review of everything in 101-103) so I thought it would be fun.

…no, its not. It is literally the most challenging course. B/c when you’re so accustomed to something, its hard to backtrack and review all the things that come second nature to you.

Not to mention she’s still doing the online stuff. She switched to a new system (Facetas) but that didn’t help. And it was expensive!

So far I have a C in this class and I always meet with her during office hours but she keeps telling me, “Don’t worry, you’re doing very well.”

Luckiy I have a whole host of more assignments and 7 more weeks to pull this to an A.

Buena Suerta… a me.


3 thoughts on “No me gusta Espanol

  1. Aye que pena tu vida!
    También tomé clases de español en mi colegio. Ya estoy en una universidad pero no he tomada ninguna clase de español. Tengo mucho ganas de tener las clases y ser un miembro de La sociedad nacional de honor española, pero me temo que no seré cuestionada -_-

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