No Care, No Underwear

No Care, No Underwear

First things first, yes. That is my backside.
…but its appropriate for this blog.

So I am, again, a Theater Major. Therefore, I’m required to take dance. So I’m taking ballet and jazz dance, so I dance 5days/week. (And I’m excited b/c next year I’ll take modern dance and tap dance.)

Due to my schedule, I am in a leotard and tights practically 24/7.

Generally, dancers do not wear underpants with dance attire and usually they wear tight under the leotard.

But… I’m a rebel and I wear lace undergarments under my dance attire. Additionally, I wear my leotard under my tights.
…this makes it seems as if my underpants are always showing. (As seen in this pic, told ya it was appropriate.)

However, I hate when ladies in my class wear huge underpants with tights. Like, dude, I see all you VPL (visible. panty. line.) hanging all out. Furthermore, it seems uncomfortable to have those things on.

So my advice is invest in lace wear. Anything from lace corsets, lace panties, bras, thongs… whatever. But they’re comfortable, breathable, super cute, and don’t look baggy.

However, this doesn’t mean spend an arm and leg at Victoria Secret, b/c guys (if you’re trying to be sexy for your man) won’t know the difference between that and something form Rue21.


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