Breakfast for Lunch!

Breakfast for Lunch!

Yes, I skipped breakfast today (worst idea b/c I had a midterm in my dance class. Smh.) and I was going to come back to my place and have lunch! (:

…whelp, that didn’t happen, my friend is an Art major and she has an art exhibit today.

So of course I don’t have time to cook lunch. (Well, try b/c I am the worst cook. Ever. ) Instead, I ate some Cinnamon Toast Crunch. (JK, I’m a college student so I buy generic everything.) They’re “Cinnamon Crunch.”

…just as good though.

My favorite cereal is Honey Nut Cheerios (the real Cheerios) but my second favorite is MultiGrain Cheerios. And it’s a very close one.

Honey Nut is so yummy sweet but still healthy so I don’t feel bad about eating them.

But MultiGrain is super nutritious… and exposes you to grain that are otherwise gross.

Agh… this life is o hard.



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