And exactly who am I? Pt. I

And exactly who am I? Pt. I

So I am a Theater Major, whoot -whoot.

So in my acting class, we just finished our unit on Shakespeare (yes, I know you’re jealous!). Any who b/c our Spring Break starts this Friday, we decided not to start a new unit, instead we talked about race.

Well… technically the conversation stemmed from sexual orientation. However, we started talking about “African Americans” in theater.

My prof. asked, “Do I feel an obligation to playing specified ‘African American’ roles?”

I answered, “no.” However, I think the reason is b/c I don’t consider myself as “African American.”

So that is referred to as Americans of African decent, right?
…well, that’s NOT me. My family traced our ancestry; and our oldest ancestors were of Asian decent!

And… no, I don’t identify as “black” either. Like, “wtf” I am not a crayon so don’t call me a color.

So this conversation helped me realize I do not know what I am. I do not know what to consider myself. Therefore, I’d like to be referred to as a person. An American person. Specifically by name, that’s what it’s for. Right?

This also inspired me to learn more about myself and my family, so look for the Pt. II of this. Maybe even a Pt. III. (:


2 thoughts on “And exactly who am I? Pt. I

    1. Honestly, I’m not too sure. My cousin did it for our family. She even found pics. But from that we learned that we are part Native American and part Asain. My cousin did it as a way for finding scholarships for our (my cousins and I) college tuition. But I think your best bet would be to start online/library to find a “how to” and then check the census. But thanks, I’m actually going to start on this since I’m on Spring Break. Good Luck to your family too! (:

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