Meet Skully!

Meet Skully!

Hola, this is Skully.

She is my scholarship piggy. Weird, right?
…no! Nothing is weird about her.

She is my motivation to get scholarships. I am a sophomore in college and I do FAFSA every year. Just to get no money.

Apparently, my mom makes “too much money.” Therefore I have to pay for my college education out of pocket. Well… she pays, technically.

Now everyone knows that when you put money in your piggy bank, it gets fat and you reap the benefits. But when you take money out, you’re hurting your piggy bank. Unless of course, its going to your real bank. In which, you’re still saving money.

So I always feed my piggy and save money, however, I do not want to hurt my piggy by paying for college for the Fall2013-Spring2014 year.

So with my 3.3GPA I am going to APPLY. APPLY. APPLY. For any and every scholarship I am eligible for, in hopes of staying out my piggy.

Wish Skully & I good luck with these scholarships.


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