We Are Always Moving Forward

We Are Always Moving Forward

Okay so late last night/ this morning I was texting my ex husband* about a bad dream.
*ex husband; essentially a really close friend.

He was telling that he could not sleep b/c of a ” sad dream.” I asked what happened and an entire conversation about us/ our relationship/ our past came about.

He basically said his best memory of us, is when we 1st met… and our past as a whole.

(Brief History: We met my freshman yr in college, we were really great friends. At one point in time we were talking about a relationship. Needless to say, things changed and we decided to just remain friends. [Which is great b/c I do not think we would have been compatible anyways.] Now I am in my 2nd yr of college and we are friends but we do not do any of the things we once did. I’m sure we will only ever be friends, and maybe never get to be back as close as we once were.)

Then he goes on to say he wish things could go back to how they were; but I changed, which made him change, and I am the reason things are the way they are.

I totally disagree simply b/c I am happy with the way things are. Although, things were “better” then. But I just feel things will always change; either for the better or for the worst, but either way, whatever is meant to happen will happen.

If he felt things were changing, he could have said something when it started and maybe reacted differently and then our changes would have been for the better.

But then again, who knows?


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