The Value of Life

Alright, I just came back from church.

I went to a memorial for a young man who recently passed. I did not know the man personally, but he was the nephew to an elder member at my grandmother’s church so my family decided to go and show support.

We arrived a little late, we are late everywhere, therefore the service was fairly short. Although I did not recall knowing the man it sadden me to know he was shot and killed at such a young age. It reminded me of a friend who I recently lost.

My friend was shot and killed Jan. 2013 and he was only a freshman in college. I think its upsetting that our society dies not value the lives of our peers. Two young men killed for things that did not matter. Their lives held so much more value than whatever argument/incident/altercation occurred before these shootings and it just sucks that it takes death for some people to realize that.


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